For the first time this year, we are participating in the Nebraska Bull Test and Sale.  This past October, we sent 5 bulls to see how they would perform against bulls from other breeders from across the state.  In total, there were 177 Angus bulls on test.  The bulls were weighed 4 different times at day of entry, at 60 days, at 90 days and at 120 days.  Each time they were compared to their contemporaries and ranked in different categories. We are very happy to report that Weber Farms Angus has 2 bulls that ranked in the top 10 for Average Daily Gain (ADG) and Weight per Day of Age (WDA) at the final 120 day weigh!!!!  The following link will take you to the listing for the leaders in those categories...Final Leaders 2017.  Both of these bulls are sire by the ever popular Resource.  These bulls will be sold at the Central Nebraska Commission Co. in Broken Bow, NE on March 22, 2017.  Below are links to bulls that are enrolled in the Nebraska Bulls Test.  Our bulls are listed in the catalog as Lots 1-5.

Webers Uproar 6102 - Video       

Webers Uproar 6103 - Video       

Webers Resource 6105 - Video       

Webers Resource 6111 - Video      

Webers Resourceful 6141 - Video

Nebraska Bull Test Sale Catalog - March 22, 2017 at the Broken Bow Commission Co.


Listed to the right are links to all of the bulls that are available by private treaty.  Our bulls are developed with longevity and fertility in mind. We develop our bulls on a ration of prairie hay and feed product called Bull Plus.  Bulls Plus is a complete feed developed by JR Feeds from Lake Norden SD and sold by Clearwater Feed & Grain from Clearwater, NE.  The bulls are developed during the winter months in large pens which keeps them sound and athletic. By developing our bulls this way, we believe our bulls will be fertile and sound for years to come. We feel that developing bulls in more of a feed lot setting while chasing high yearling weights can result in poor scrotal development and issues with feet and legs along with a host of other problems. You can be confident that when you purchase a bull from Weber Farms Angus, you are buying a bull that will have a long breeding career thus giving you a great value!

All vet work is performed by Heartland Vet Clinic of Plainview, NE.  Below is a testimonial from Tony J Miller, DVM for Heartland Veterinary Clinic, who performed the Breeding Soundness Exam on the 2016 yearling bulls sold last year.

"Weber Farms has done an outstanding job with their bulls this past year.  Breeding soundness exams were exceptional with most scrotal measurements and samples comparable to those of 2-year old bulls.  Their vaccination and deworming programs have these bulls ready for this breeding season.  Conformation should provide a sound bull for many years.  Body condition is right for young bulls going to grass.  These traits should help the new owner have a trouble free breeding  season."


We will be selling approximately 20 cow/calf pairs. The majority of these are first calf heifers, and many have AI sired calves out of Black Granite and Ten Speed at side.  We will also be selling 15 open heifers.  These heifers are bangs vaccinated and ready to go.  Contact Jim for more information about these females.

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