Weber Farms also offers custom farming services in the Plainview, NE area. Custom farming is an alternative to leasing farmland where the custom operator agrees to perform some or of all the machine operations on the owner’s land in exchange for a set fee or rate. The landowner pays for all seed, fertilizer, chemicals, crop insurance, and other input costs; receives all grain produced and all eligible farm program payments on the land; and is responsible to store and market the grain. This type of relationship is a great fit when the land owner wants to stay actively involved in the management of their farm. We offer the following custom farming service:

  • Strip-tillage and liquid fertilizer application with a Twin Diamond Industries Strip Cat 16 row 30″ applicator
  • Planting with a John Deer 1760NT 16 row 30″ Planter
  • Planting with a Great Plains 40′ Heavy Duty No-Till Drill.  Crops include soybeans, forage and cover crops.
  • Harvesting with a Gleaner A76 Combine and Gleaner 35′ Draper header and a Capelllo 8 row 30″ chopping corn head.
  • Grain hauling with a semi and grain trailer

References are available upon request.

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